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Please read following Frequently asked questions. Hopefully you will get your answer. In other case, you may contact with us through contact us form or call us at 03xx-563xxxx 

Q: What it means by “document on rent”?

Ans: Pakrary works as a library. It issues documents for specific time periods as per nature of the physical library. Pakrary charges nominal amount in form of rent as service charges.

Q:  What is the rental amount of a document?

Ans: In most of the cases, the rent is Rs.10 whereas one or two document types have higher rent.

Q: Who many document/s one can borrow at one time?

Ans: One user can borrow as many documents as he can read in specified time periods. It depends on the reading capacity and available leisure time with the user.

Q: For who many days, a document is issued to a user?

Ans: A document/s is issued for 30 days. It is normal borrow period. However, some document types require more time to study so their time periods can be extended up to the requirements of the user without extra charges.

Q: What will be the document format? How one will read?

Ans: The document format is PDF but under some particular rules and regulations. One needs to download “Copy safe PDF reader” to view documents which is available free of cost.  This needs to download one time only.

Q: How one can order?

Ans: A user who require few documents to read within a month, he must generate order via Pakrary. However, a user requires bulk documents for his research, he/ she can contact us at given mobile number to discuss the number of documents and payment procedure.

Q: What is payment method?

Ans: Pakrary uses multi options to pay rent. A user can pay through one's mobile account, bank account or credit card.  Pakrary prefers mobile accounts to pay a small amount of rent because it is highly convent for users. They can transfer rental amount whether it is Rs. 50 or less without any extra charges.

Q: Did you offer a discount on bulk document subscription?

Ans:  Yes, a reasonable discount can be offered to see the volume of documents which are being subscribed.


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