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There are two types of documents subscribers which are given in  the following:

    1- Bulk document subscribers

    2- Few document subscribers 

1- Bulk Document Subscribers 

   Bulk document subscribers will contact us on phone. Pakrary representative will inquire demand. He will settle all matters like document delivery procedure, document period and payment methods. They will not adopt the mechanism of few document subscribers. 

2- Few Document Subscribers

An individual who require one or more documents, will adopt the following procedure to get documents on  rent. 

2.1 Find Required Document 

     To find a required document, there are two ways. 

      2.1.1- Browse categories

      2.1.2- Search documents

 2.1.1 Browse Categories

    The categories highlighted with number 1 are showing on left side. Just drop mouse on a category, subcategories will display which are showing at number 2. Contents of subcategories are displaying at number 3. Users can click to view document. 


2.1.2 Search Documents

There is search option on top right side with two boxes, “all categories” and “enter search your key”. Select “all categories” in case you do not know the exact category. If you are familiar with the category, click on “arrow” to open drop down menu and select required category. Now enter search term at number 2 and click on magnify mirror . Add To Cart

When a document is selected, put mouse pointer on document, "Add to Cart"  option will displayed. Click on it. Perform  same activity to add  more documents into cart. Shopping Cart

  When you select all documents, put your mouse pointer on shopping cart. 

    It will show all documents which you want to subscribe on rent. verify them and click on "Check out" bubtton. Cart Summery

  A shopping cart  summery will display. Verify documents and click on "Proceed to Check out" button. Login Verification

System will verify whether you are sign in or not. If  you are  already sing in than this step will skipped. Otherwise, system will asked to sign in. Further users can register oneself at this step. Address Verification

System will show address. In case, their is  some change, user can update address.  Now click on "Proceed to Checkout" shopping Agreement

Click in check box of shopping agreement. Than click on "Proceed on checkout" Payment Method

Payment approaches are given. Please select payment option and click on "Continue Shopping" Order Confirmation

Get order number and send SMS to Pakrary for quick processing of order. Pakrary will send documents as early  as payment confirmation received. Order History

View order  history. 

Product successfully added to the product comparison!